The objective of non-destructive testing is to guarantee the quality of the metallic materials analyzed. In these tests, the inspected material is not modified or damaged. The objective of the test is to obtain agile and efficient results in order to take preventive or corrective measures. They can be performed on any type of metallic material, as well as its welds.

BOSE has the means and technicians accredited at Level II and Level III by CERTIAEND.

Bose, S.L.Laboratorio, Ensayos, Control, Analisis Materiales Barcelona. Bureau Organizacion Soldadura y Ensayos

It is a technique that mainly uses the human eye to establish criteria for acceptance or rejection of a material, by qualitative and quantitative aspects that the inspector determines according to established codes and standards. When the human eye does not apply in the identification of a finding, magnification, illumination and measuring instruments are used. This is the number one technique in any non-destructive test; because it is applied first.

Liquid penetrant inspection is used to detect and identify discontinuities present on the surface of the materials being examined, which may lead to future material failure. It is generally used on non-ferrous alloys, although it can also be used for the inspection of ferrous materials when magnetic particle inspection is difficult to apply.

Ultrasonic testing, also known as UT testing, is a method for characterizing the thickness or internal structures of a part under test by applying high-frequency ultrasonic waves.

Magnetic particle inspection is a non-destructive testing method used for both surface and sub-surface inspection. This technique is used in ferromagnetic materials allowing the detection of cracks and other discontinuities both superficial and close to the surface.

Industrial radiography is a method of inspecting materials for non-visible defects using the penetrating ability of shortwave X-rays, gamma rays and neutrons to penetrate various materials.


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